Admission open for 1st Year ( Pre Medical, Pre Engineering, ICS, ICOM, FA) - BCOM, BSC, BA - Montessori to Class - 10.


Aims & Objectives

The institution aims at imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines, in an environment of mutual respect and dignity in order to groom them into good human beings, competent enough to handle challenges of future life, with confidence.

No education system can flourish in the vacuum. It must have its roots in its soil. We are quite conscious of the importance of our religion, ideology, conventions, traditions, moral values and cultural heritage. The institution would function within our social compulsions and religious teachings with a desire to groom new generation into good Muslims and patriotic citizens of Pakistan. Having this in mind we wish to achieve the following objectives:

  • To keep fundamentals of Islam as basis of our values and ideology.
  • Quality education on modern and scientific lines with special reference to science and information technology. Preparing students as amiable and confident members of society.
  • To develop sense of self-respect and mutual respect among the colleagues.


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Message from Managing Director / CEO (Askaria Education System) & President (Askaria Foundation)

Ever since the birth of civilization, the process of education has been engaged to enable the new generation to learn, absorb and adopt our ancestorís knowledge, experiences, traditions, and the culture of the human race.
The means and methods for transmitting the experience of the golden generation have been changing with the passage of time, but the theme and the essence of the education have remained the same, which in simple words is to transform a closed mind into an open mind.

Askaria Education System provides the perfect environment to study. The System is pioneering as a dynamic phenomena and we have successfully developed such courses and teaching methodologies, which ensure success for our students in their careers.

We are moving forward with a steady pace. We develop latest ideas into action plan. That is why, Askaria is the popular choice of School/Colleges among students. We educate our students to be problem solvers and positively contributing citizens.
I feel confident to see that in short of time Askaria Education System has shaped up into excellent educational system for learning where positive attitudes are built in the personality of our students. I have full faith that with such a qualified and experienced group of educationists, the students joining Askaria Education System would become competent professionals and useful members of the society.

May Allah help us all to achieve the excellence. Aameen

Message from Director Projects (Askaria Education System)

Askaria Education System aims at providing highest quality education under healthy environment. We ensure that our students are well equipped for their careers professionally, intellectual, morally and socially.

Askaria Education System does not concentrate on studies only, but also provides rich diversity of co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities, which provides opportunities for students to develop personal qualities, such as communication skills, leadership and confidence, which are valuable throughout the life. Our education system offers in depth support to our students for catering the actual needs of the forthcoming challenges.

For creating the real difference in education sector, Askaria Education System has introduced distinctive policies and procedures. At Askaria Education System you will always find welcoming approach from our staff to entertain all your queries and resolve all professional matters.

We believe that our most important assets are our students. We have rigorous system in place to continually monitor and evaluate the quality of work produced by the students on your roll. We have developed methodical approach towards teacherís induction, training and retention. Also regular guidance and meetings with all our stakeholders facilitate smooth execution of all our policies.
We are particularly proud of the quality of work produced by our team and our students who achieved excellent results in yester years.

I wish you all the best of luck for your future.


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